About the books:
Wicked Crispy: The Art of Jeff Victor is strictly limited to 500 copies. The deluxe edition was given out as an incentive for Kickstarter pledges, and only 50 will be made available to the general public.

About the ABC Poster:

The run is only 200 copies.

About the prints:

They are an unlimited run. I change the prints up from time to time, adding new ones and removing old ones. If there's a piece of mine that you'd really like to see made into a print, please email me at jeffvictorart@gmail.com and I will custom order make that print for you.


I am shipping from Los Angeles, CA. I will ship your print in a mailer tube, which sometimes has a tendency to take a little longer getting through the USPS. I will ship the artwork out within three business days of your order. Due to increased demand, there may be delays, but I will make every effort to make sure they get to you as quickly as I can. 

Disclaimer: Jeff Victor is not responsible for any conditions resulting from any shipping method including, but not limited to loss and damage. Insurance is available at an additional cost for domestic and international shipments. Tracking is included for domestic orders, but not for international. Please email jeffvictorart@gmail.com for additional shipping information.

Thank you so much for supporting me and my work. I hope you enjoy your purchase!